For me this is the best part of my job, I can design these made to measures completely from scratch unlike an off the peg hair system.

From the first appointment I will discuss with the customer where they would like to cover and to see if a bespoke/ made to measure is the right choice for them.

After we have both agreed that the made to measure  will be a suitable hair piece for them , a template will be taken of the area to any shape or size to where it is needed (this is completely pain free)

A template can be taken in 3 different ways from a tape measure, to clean film and tape, or a fitting disc. On consultation these methods will be assessed to see what way is best to get the most accurate measurements for the most secure and comfort fit.

When the template has been taken this is the time to get creative, the customer can pick what type of base they would like (the inside of the made to measure) they can choose from complete lace, PU, Silk top, Mono, wefts, Anti slip, poly skin how thick they want the poly skin and so on the choices are endless.  

The next stage would be what kind of hair they would like for example, Indian, Indian Remy, Chinese, European, fibre, high heat fibre, this would be discussed as different types of hair would be better for the customers life style and what they would like to achieve i.e. if they would like it straight or if they want the hair to have a slight wave, curly or a tight curl.

We will also discuss the thickness of the made to measure, what would look the most natural for them,  they can have a light density this can be from 60 to 80% or if they would like it a lot thicker they can have it around 180%  (bear in mind not a lot of people can pull this off as this is very thick and sometimes can look unnatural) the density can be made where it is thinner at the front and gradually going into a thicker density, Or even , can be thinner at the crown to mimic someone’s natural hair. The beauty of a made to measure is you can pick where you would like it to be thicker or thinner unlike off the peg.

Also we will talk about what kind of knotting they would like (how the hair is tied into the base of the made to measure) for example Bleach knots, single knots, double knots, V loop knots, injected hair and so on. I will talk about the pros and cons of the different knotting like single knots look very natural but don’t last as long as double knots but I would suggest maybe having single knots at the front and having double knots at the back where the made to measure would get more wear from day to day activities. 

Then we would design the colour, the customer can have almost anything they like, whether it’s an all over plan colour or an all over colour with a few high /low lights or even a colour with lots of different colours. A darker root can make a hair piece look so natural, I know it’s crazy that we spend lots of appointments covering up our roots but honestly this makes a hair piece look so natural. I can take a colour sample of the customers own hair or another independent source to get the perfect colour match.

After me and the customer are happy with what we discussed and happy with the template the made to measure will be sent off to the factory, this will take 3 to 4 months sometimes even longer to be made. I know this is a long time but generally every single hair is knotted individually into the base of the bespoke made to measure and if the customer is having a more complex hair system you can imagine how time consuming and skilled this work is.

When the made to measure has been made the customer can come back in to the salon and try it on and will discuss how they would like it attached whether they have some of their own hair it can be integrated into and be semi permanently attached with hair extensions beads or tapes and glues or even with clips. If it’s a full made to measure we will discuss what way if any it can be attached. This can be attached by wig glues or wig tapes but generally full bespoke made to measures don’t need any tapes or glues they already have a snug fit (made to the shape of the persons head) there are some exemptions however, full lace made to measure may need a bit of tape or glue because they are made so thin, this can make the edges flap up so a bit of wig tape or glue maybe needed.

Finally this will be all cut and blow-dried to the customers specifications  ☺