Modern hair systems can look and act like your own hair, you can, sleep, swim, play sports and all your other daily activities.

Opting for non-surgical hair replacement is pretty much like regaining your own hair back, however there are some important differences and understanding what they are will help you to give your hair system the most effective care possible.

After a new hair system is fitted

Its best to keep the hair system cut longer at first so you can make sure you like it, because once it’s off it off! it will not regrow.

Most new hair systems will feel bouncy at first this will settle within two weeks.    It is normal for the hair on the hair system to shed in the first month, it is not a cause of concern this is a part of the hair system settling in to your lifestyle.

Try not to over exercise or to wash the hair system for the first 24/48 hours when it has been fitted as the bond takes up to 24/48 hours to cure, washing or excessive sweating in this time can affect the longevity of the bond.

Washing your hair system

On average hair system wearers should wash their system once or twice a week, more than this is not required due to the hair not getting the natural oils from the scalp. Over washing the hair can also cause dryness to the the hair system and washing it more than twice a week is not necessary.

Prior to washing your hair system use a wide tooth comb or a vent brush to brush out any tangles or any matting (always get tangles out from the ends of the hair first *end of the hair to the root gently*) never tug a knot or matting out of the hair system. This is important as washing the hair with tangles or matting can make them worse and can become very difficult to brush out.

Avoid very hot water as this can break down the bond and dry the hair out, cold water can cause tangles and matting, tepid water is better for your hair system.

When washing the hair system make sure you rinse your whole head with the water flowing in one direction. Do not go overboard with shampoo, pour around a 50p amount into the palm of your hand, do not rub the hair or use circular motions, instead be gentle and smooth the shampoo over the hair in one direction, repeat with both hands in the same direction to lather the shampoo gently. Rinse thoroughly remembering to use the flowing water in one direction.

Repeat this process with conditioner to make your hair feel soft and hydrated.

TIP! Use a deep conditioning treatment every 2 weeks.

After washing use a towel to pat dry, (never rub) after the excess water is out and the hair is damp, use a spray in conditioner and comb through gently.

Styling your hair system

When styling the hair, use the cool setting on a hair dryer to ensure your hair isn’t exposed to any unnecessary levels of heat, if you prefer to blow dry your hair with a brush then make sure you use the correct vent brush when drying.

If you need to restyle or set your style back to place but it isn’t your hair wash day spray some water and some spray on conditioner and style it to your desired preference.

You can use styling products however it is advised not to use strong hold gels or waxes as these are difficult to remove from the hair.

Hair systems tent to hold their style, so frequent straightening and use of heat is unnecessary. If you would like to use heated style tools it is strongly recommended to use a heat protection product as any heat can dry out the hair system.

You may experience some lifting around the edges of the hair system, this is completely normal and be fixed with some of your own adhesive

Never sleep with wet hair this is most likely going to cause matting and tangling.

If you are heading to a warmer climate, you may need to consider hair products with UV protection in, to keep your hair system fresh from the sun and to help to avoid colour fade.

If you go swimming in chlorinated or salt water, limit the the amount of time your hair is exposed to it and use products that protect your hair first and shower as soon as you get out the pool.

Having invested in a hair system it makes sense to do everything possible to be looking after it and make sure it looks as good as possible for as long as possible.

It is recommended to use a good make of hair products that are suitable for hair systems, speak to your hair loss consultant about what products they may recommend from the salon.

How long does a hair system last?

A hair system can last anywhere from 2-12 months, depending on what type of system you have i.e., lace, Poly skin, PU etc., after this it is advised that they are replaced to keep them looking in the best condition.

Ensuring that you are looking after your hair system and follow the correct aftercare procedures will help with the longevity of the hair system.

TIP! consider sleeping with satin or silk pillow case, this cuts down the friction which is a major cause of hair break outs.